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The JRA program rewards academic excellence by supporting high achieving undergraduates to work alongside Sussex’s top research faculty during the summer vacation. The schemes’ purpose is to help our most talented students who seriously consider post-graduate study realise this ambition. Once the projects are completed candidates will produce academic posters and present their findings during the annual Undergraduate Research Poster Exhibition which takes place in the autumn term. Additionally, bursaries are awarded to projects concerning Neuroscience. Overview of the scheme The scheme runs for eight weeks over the summer vacation. Students must be in their middle year of academic study i.

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The programme of study is arranged on an individual basis, according to instrumental and personal priorities and within an articulated credit structure. The Semester Experience Programme is ideal for overseas students who want to experience studying and living in London for a semester. Most international higher education institutions will give credit for Junior Years or semesters abroad. Applicants must be able to meet BMus Hons entry requirements see below. Places on the Semester Experience Programme are only offered to those who show high levels of ability, potential and motivation.

Audition requirements are set by each faculty.

Students investigate music in context and how it operates in contemporary cultures. The RCM also provides a range of options for developing practical and applied skills. The nature of your undergraduate experience at the RCM depends on your principal study specialism. In essence, it includes individual lessons with distinguished musicians; core units in historical, technical, practical, and vocational subjects delivered in small groups; and a variety of performances.

Our undergraduate programme is designed to be flexible, especially in years 3 and 4, ensuring you can undertake study directly relevant to your needs and aspirations. A variety of options helps every student develop their interests during their time at the RCM. Term dates Each module in the RCM’s undergraduate programmes is assigned a level within the National Qualifications Framework. Assessment for undergraduate students is grouped into subject, general and key skills.

Affirmative Action: Court Decisions

It was alleged that she had committed khalwat affectionate contact by an unmarried couple with another university student. The year-old is struck with a 4ft cane, causing her to cry out in pain before collapsing to the floor After the fifth strike, she fell forward to the floor. In obvious pain and distress, she had to be carried – by four uniformed women in headscarves – from the scaffold and taken by ambulance to hospital Miss Elita, who was dwarfed by the sinister police officer who was to carry out the punishment, was first made to kneel.

A rattan cane at least 4ft long had been formally handed to the masked officer. The policeman beat Miss Elita between her shoulder blades, the cane swishing and bending in the air with the force of the blows.

Greeks entered the Near East by the ninth century BC, built a temple by c.

Foster partnerships with students, faculty, and staff to create environments that are accessible, diverse, and inclusive. Empower students to fully participate in the university community. Our vision is for all students to achieve their fullest potential. Under the administration of University Life, the center implements and coordinates reasonable accommodations and disability-related services that afford equal access to university programs and activities.

Disability Services is available to serve all students with disabilities, including those with cognitive, learning, psychological, sustained head injuries, sensory, mobility, and other physical impairments. The office welcomes and encourages all students with disabilities, whether registered with Disability Services or not, to identify themselves as members of the disability community and to engage in the diversity dialogue on campus by getting involved with Disability Services and other multicultural programs and activities.

To schedule an appointment, call Crisis-related resources are also available on CAPS homepage.

Asia in 3 minutes: from a polygamy dating app in Indonesia to death by selfie (again) in India

The same-sex marriage debate has divided the nation along religious and generational lines and at times has threatened to turn nasty. He also complained that an Australian should have been chosen to perform and said he prefers Savage Garden, the lead singer of which is gay. Swipe right, and right again: Polygamy dating app available to Indonesians A dating app in Indonesia that aims to bring together men and women interested in polygamous marriages has stirred controversy and debate in the Muslim-majority nation.

An advanced course in Furniture Design where students will be introduced to working with non-solid wood materials in sheet-goods format such as plywood, MDF and other composites as well as the different techniques involved in veneering.

Click on the four-letter code to review the undergraduate courses within that discipline. To find classes being offered for the upcoming semester, use the Class Search. All courses taken prior to this change that bear the SPCH code still count toward all Applied communication major and minor requirements. Introduction to the field of accounting, fundamentals of financial accounting, recording, summarizing, and reporting cycle. Principles of asset valuation and income measurement; accounting systems and internal controls.

Continuation of ACCT Reporting for external investors. Management accounting and decision making. Conceptual and historical framework underlying contemporary accounting and financial reporting; form and content of financial statements; revenue recognition; present value mathematics in accounting; measuring and reporting for cash and receivables; inventories; property, plant, and equipment.

Semester Experience Programme

Browse all undergraduate courses Course Flexibility Most subjects include compulsory courses for the first year, and then give students the opportunity to choose some options in subsequent years. Some courses include a year abroad. Student Services and Facilities Every college has its own library which provide core materials, with multiple copies of the most popular books and other key works. There are also departmental and major research libraries including the world-famous Bodleian Library, which can claim a copy of every book published in Britain.

The university Wi-Fi network covers most of central Oxford, including parks and pubs; and the IT learning programme offers more than different free or low-cost courses each term, from fundamental skills in Microsoft Office applications through to web design, programming and multimedia.

This course explores communication and difference in such areas as race and ethnicity, social class, age, sexual orientation, and disability.

It is divided into two main parts: The first six chapters are the history section, telling of a Jew named Daniel of royal descent, who was taken captive along with the rest of the people from the city of Jerusalem. King Nebuchadnezzer placed Daniel among others in his service, and had them trained. This section tells of the persecutions that Daniel and his friends undergo, and also of the high positions that Daniel attains.

It relates the fact that God is in control, and how He protects His faithful servants. The second section can either be construed as prophecy, or history containing some prophecy, depending on the date one assumes that the book was written. The battles are between the four successive kingdoms of the Babylonians, the Medo-Persians or the Medians then the Persians, the Greeks, and possibly the Romans.

Bachelor of Music

Browse all undergraduate courses Course Flexibility Some courses cover more than one subject, and the combined honours degree offers students the opportunity to study up to 3 subjects from a choice of over A number of courses also share a common first year, enabling transfer to other similar courses after the first year. Many courses include the opportunity to spend time overseas: Almost all degrees are available with the opportunity to spend between 9—12 months in the workplace, although some exceptions apply, please refer to the university website for details.

The university library service is the only one in the UK to be awarded 5 Charter Marks in a row for excellent customer service and two prestigious Customer Service Excellent awards.

In obvious pain and distress, she had to be carried – by four uniformed women in headscarves – from the scaffold and taken by ambulance to hospital Miss Elita, who was dwarfed by the sinister police officer who was to carry out the punishment, was first made to kneel.

Current Case Fisher v. Texas In , several high school seniors who had been denied admission at the University of Texas-Austin filed a lawsuit. The students argued that the University of Texas could not use race as a factor in admission processes if there were other race-neutral options that would have the same results on diversity. A federal district judge found in favor of the University of Texas, stating that the University had complied with the admission requirements laid out in Grutter v.

Additionally, the court cited a University of Texas study from , which found that that year 79 percent of the university’s individual courses had zero or one African-American students and 30 percent of the courses had zero or one Hispanic students. Thus, the court decided that while race neutral options had been considered, these options were not a viable way for the University of Texas system to maintain and increase diversity.

In January , a three-judge panel of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals heard the case and upheld the ruling in favor of the University of Texas. In June , the full court decided not to rehear the lawsuit, letting the decision of the three-member panel stand. Supreme Court agreed to hear the case in February In a Fischer I ruling released June , the Court did not overturn affirmative action generally, but did emphasize that affirmative action programs need to be more strictly reviewed.

The Court explained that the program must pass a test of “strict scrutiny,” proving an absence of alternatives that do not include race as a means to diversify the student body. The case is being sent back to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in order to determine if the University of Texas’ affirmative action program passes this test. Supreme Court ruled that using racial quotas in college admission decisions violated the Equal Protection Clause.

Constitution, affirms that “no state shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.


Technical Assistance Campus Reports to Congress Sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking are serious problems on college and university campuses. Non-heterosexual college females reported significantly higher rates than their heterosexual female peers. The majority of rape and sexual assault victims reported being victimized by someone they knew.

It is divided into two main parts:

Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Bollinger rulings are regarded as the most important since the Bakke decision.

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If you are choosing your subjects now, we advise that you choose music if possible.

What is God’s Will in Dating? [CMR Relationships Class]