Oh, C’mon, MTA: Don’t Ban Food on the Subway

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Homemade Subway Bread Recipe

Generation 1 cartoon continuity The Transformers cartoon Voice actor: Hook, who was evil, helped build Megatron. Bonecrusher would then reveal the Constructicons’ ability to combine by forming Devastator , who was blasted by Optimus Prime into lava. Heavy Metal War “Did you drop this? There are laws against littering.

Mott Avenue opened in June of

When her phone buzzes, she quickly dons a neon vest, hard hat and goggles before climbing deep down into a massive construction site beneath a boulevard east of downtown. Earth-movers are diverted, and Leger gets on her hands and knees and gently brushes the dirt from a spot pointed out by a member of her team. Her heart beats faster because there’s a chance she’ll uncover what she calls ‘the big find. The Los Angeles subway system is expanding and so too are the number of prehistoric fossils being recovered as crews dig beneath the city Leger is a paleontologist who digs for fossils in the middle of a city rather than an open plain or desert.

She works for a company contracted by Los Angeles transportation officials to keep paleontologists on hand as workers extend a subway line to the city’s west side. They include a partial rabbit jaw, mastodon tooth, camel foreleg, bison vertebrae, and a tooth and ankle bone from a horse. Paleontologist Ashley Leger shows the skull of a young Columbian mammoth found at the construction site of the Metro Purple Line extension in Los Angeles But the discovery that still makes Leger shake her head in disbelief came about a year ago, shortly after construction began on the project’s second phase.

She was at home getting ready for bed when a call came in from one of her monitors. The next morning, Leger knelt at the site and recognized what appeared to be a partial elephant skull. It turned out to be much more. After 15 hours of painstaking excavation, the team uncovered an intact skull of a juvenile mammoth. Since work on one extension began in , workers have routinely turned up fossilized remains of rabbits, camels, bison and other creatures that roamed the region during the last Ice Age A skull of a young Columbian mammoth found at the construction site of the Metro Purple Line extension is placed on a cart at the La Brea Tar Pits and Museum in Los Angeles Paleontologist Ashley Leger navigates through the construction site of the Metro Purple Line extension in Los Angeles.

The Subway Challenge Ch. 01

Description[ edit ] A total of R44 cars were ordered: The R44s originally came in singles, but needed each other to run, much like the “married pairs” of subway cars before them R26 to R42, except R33WFs. The SIR-operated cars were never reassembled after overhaul and remain set up as singles. Since September 16, , all NYCTA-operated cars have been retired and replaced by the R s due to structural integrity issues found on those cars.

This leaves the SIR as the sole operator of the R44, which will continue to operate them until at least — , when they will be replaced by the R s.

This line would also be two tracks.

We also have ancient infrastructure, combined with a lack of capital investment over the long haul. These three issues alone are the reasons why the subway system is failing its customers. The chairman estimated that removing seats will increase capacity by 25 riders per car. Where possible, the agency will also be adding cars to traditionally shorter trains, like the C, to boost capacity as well. MTA is launching a new pilot program on the Shuttle and L lines that removes some seats from cars to add capacity, Lhota says.

That involves the hiring of 2, new workers to ramp up maintenance of tracks and train cars and improve response times to minor infrastructure breakdowns and incidents like sick passengers. Here are the highlights from the MTA’s short-term plan: Each additional car can hold about more passengers. Special teams will seal leaks, clean 40, street grates and eliminate debris clogging drains.

Part of this plan will include an “overhaul” of digital platforms so they offer more personalized information on service changes.

R44 (New York City Subway car)

In Dutch, “Hoek” means “point” or “corner,” and not the English hook i. From the s to the present time, people who live in the eastern area of Red Hook have referred to their neighborhood as “The Point”. Today, the area is home to about 11, people. Rapelye Street in Red Hook commemorates the beginnings of one of New Amsterdam ‘s earliest families, the Rapelje clan, descended from the first European child born in the new Dutch settlement in the New World , Sarah Rapelje.

This was designed to provide through service to the Rockaways from midtown, and also to serve the neighborhoods of Maspeth and Ridgewood.

This recipes makes a perfect copycat loaf of Subway bread for sandwiches at home. Everything except for bills and things you have to pay. After a harsh slap in the face when we did our taxes and a few other bumps in our road, I decided it was something that I wanted and needed to do, too. The timing is great for me. Last week I bought 4 gallons of milk, 2 loaves of bread, 6 tomatoes, and a package of salami.

This week I need to buy gas should have filled up before I decided on this little adventure… and milk will suck up the rest. The key to this was finding the perfect homemade Subway bread recipe. Those sub buns are key!

Red Hook, Brooklyn

Todd Shipyard, Red Hook, Brooklyn. April 4th, Last updated: July 22, Written by:

This one-track line would provide additional express service in the peak direction.

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Stephen F. Hayes

Why is now the time right for the BQX? The Brooklyn Queens waterfront has changed dramatically over the past 15 years, experiencing enormous residential and job growth, with far more growth on the horizon. In fact, during this time the center of the city has shifted eastward and Brooklyn and Queens have become first-choice destinations for living and working.

Yet the transportation system has not kept up.

Nonetheless, there were still big plans for expansion, but by , with a unified system for 28 years, the expansion plans were for the entire region, not just the IND division.

They were victims of their own success. The word “unification” was very politically correct during this time. On April 25th, , the New York Transit Commission was formed to develop a plan to resolve the overcrowding and delays on the current lines in any manner it saw fit, including “recapturing” existing lines from the privately owned rapid transit subway and elevated lines. In May of , the Transit Commission published a plan to create or extend new lines, including: Hylan was Mayor for two terms from to Legend has it that, as a young locomotive engineer for the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company BRT, predecessor to the BMT , he was fired because he exceeded the posted speed operating his train around a curve.

He was studying for the bar exam while employed at the BRT. Once he was mayor, he was in a position of power to get even. He regularly made it difficult for the IRT and BRT to expand their lines or obtain funding the 5 cent fare was a losing proposition and could not be changed without city approval.

Everything you need to know about getting around NYC over Christmas

Sakamaki for Newsweek Share U. New York City On a quiet evening in December , Robert Diamond was watching television in his apartment, tucking into a bowl of franks and beans, when the telephone rang. There was an angry voice on the other end of the line: Diamond had worked closely with the DOT for much of the three decades since he had made his extraordinary discovery: For years he had explored the tunnel unbothered, cataloging its ancient rail spikes, researching its alleged use as a hideout for thieves and pirates, and offering tours to curious locals on Sunday afternoons.

But now, the official told him, the city wanted him out.

More importantly, the rails will physically connect the corridor, helping to attract riders and catalyze economic development opportunities in a way that buses do not.

This is especially true of the year-old city of Nijmegen, which straddles the Waal river. The town is home to many examples of flood-resistant infrastructure, but one footbridge there works a bit differently. Instead of building it around the threat of rising waters, the designers of the Zalige bridge made a crossing that changes along with its environment, according to Co. When the river resides at normal levels, pedestrians can walk the bridge in its entirety.

Only when water levels rise is the reasoning behind the unusual shape revealed. The flooded path leaves behind a series of raised concrete blocks sticking out of the water, and to keep moving, people must hop from one block to the next. The bridge opened in , but it made news again this January when Nijmegen saw its highest water levels in 15 years. As the river rose, the Zalige bridge could be reached only by using the stepping stones. Residents flocked to the site for a closer look at the water, ignoring instructions from authorities to avoid the park as flooding continued.

NEXT writes on the project webpage , “As a crest above the river, the bridge emphasizes the dynamic character of water by letting people see and experience the changing river landscape.

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