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Sydney Jones Overview The earliest immigrants from the Eastern Mediterranean were generally lumped together under the common rubric of Syrian-Lebanese, and it is consequently difficult to separate the number of ethnic Lebanese immigrants from ethnic Syrian immigrants. Neither of these countries came into being as nation-states until the mid-twentieth century; thus records and statistics for both groups are generally combined for early immigration patterns. Such difficulties with early immigration records are further exacerbated because of religious affiliation, both Muslim as well as myriad Christian denominations, which cut across national and ethnic lines in the region. Early Lebanese settlers in America came mostly from Beirut, Mount Hermon, and surrounding regions of present-day Lebanon, a nation located at the extreme eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea. Syria forms Lebanon’s northern and eastern borders. Israel lies directly south of Lebanon, with the Mediterranean Sea to the west. Lebanon’s land mass is 4, square miles 10, square kilometers , and its population is estimated at between 3 and 3. The capital, Beirut, was often referred to as the “Paris of the Middle East. Lebanon is named for the major mountain range that runs north to south through the middle of the country. The Cedars of Lebanon, famous since Biblical times, are now protected in a few mountain groves.

London to Sydney in eight hours? How supersonic jets are set to transform travel

Origins[ edit ] An artist’s impression of ancient Olympia To the Greeks, it was important to root the Olympic Games in mythology. According to the story, the dactyl Heracles not to be confused with the son of Zeus and the Roman god Hercules and four of his brothers, Paeonaeus , Epimedes , Iasius and Idas , raced at Olympia to entertain the newborn Zeus. He crowned the victor with an olive tree wreath which thus became a peace symbol , which also explains the four year interval, bringing the games around every fifth year counting inclusively.

The story of Pelops begins with Oenomaus , the king of Pisa, Greece , who had a beautiful daughter named Hippodamia. According to an oracle, the king would be killed by her husband. Therefore, he decreed that any young man who wanted to marry his daughter was required to drive away with her in his chariot, and Oenomaus would follow in another chariot, and spear the suitor if he caught up with them.

Family and Community Dynamics Traditionally, Lebanese families and extended families operate as a unit, relying on each other implicitly in social, financial, and business affairs.

By saying “no” Greece has placed its economic future in the hands of others. Reuters Greek banks are all but out of euros. Normally in this situation a nation’s central bank simply prints more currency. Greece can’t do that, as no one country controls production of the euro. So the options over the next month or so seem to be that either Germany, France and the European Central Bank blink, and extend more credit to Greece, or Greece’s financial system will cease functioning and ultimately it will be forced to print drachma.

Whether Greece’s creditors blink is now the pressing question — but what of the bigger picture? How did Greece get into this mess in the first place?

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Acclaimed Sydney chef and restaurant owner Jeremy Strode has died on Monday aged A representative for Merivale confirmed Mr Strode took his own life. He had been working in the kitchens of Sydney and Melbourne’s finest restaurants for over 25 years and holds annual dinners to raise money for the R U OK? Mr Strode leaves behind two children with his wife and fellow chef Jane, and another son from a previous marriage.

All this was well known before Greece joined the euro; and agreements were entered as to the size of the budget deficit which was fudged and the levels of government borrowing, to try and head off the problem.

The historic Grade II listed mansion near Cowes, which comes with its own three-quarter mile long private beach, as well as a lake, paddocks, parkland and woodland set across acres, was once a home of Queen Victoria. According to Land Registry documents, ownership of the property was transferred to Mrs Lykiardopulo in October , eight months after the original divorce ruling.

The year-old daughter of a retired Army colonel is now its sole owner. The sale of the property marks the end of a family saga that can now be told in full for the first time. In , Mr Lykiardopulo married Sally Jones in a lavish ceremony attended by members of the exiled Greek royal family in Knightsbridge, central London. According to relatives, Mrs Lykiardopulo had a typical military upbringing, travelling the world with her father, Martin, mother Rosemary, and two sisters, Fenella and Philippa, before training as a florist.

Mr Lykiardopulo is a top international yachtsman and former winner of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, one of the toughest races in the world. He has an MA from Oxford University in politics, philosophy and economics, and is a former director of Lykiardopulo and Co, the family shipping concern. Nikolaos Lykiardopulo began working as a cabin boy at the age of 13 before starting to buy and sell ships, opening an office in London in The property was once owned by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, who used it as escape from the limelight of London and Windsor.

The house was remodelled by the prince on the ruins of an old priory. According to friends on the island Mrs Lykiardopulo is a keen environmental campaigner whose interests include cycling and opera. She also founded her own company in selling “fun and fabulous” reading glasses.


December 11, at The Aussie woman aged around I have seen her times. The first time was in Hornsby.

Easter is celebrated on the Sunday after the first full moon following the vernal equinox.

The municipality of Athens, the city centre of the Athens Urban Area, is divided into several districts: Omonoia, Omonoia Square , Greek: It is surrounded by hotels and fast food outlets, and contains a train station used by the Athens Metro and the Ilektrikos, named Omonoia station. The square is the focus for celebration of sporting victories, as seen after the country’s winning of the Euro and the Eurobasket tournaments. The neighborhood is located north of the historical centre of Athens, between Kolonos to the east and Kerameikos to the west, and north of Gazi.

Metaxourgeio is frequently described as a transition neighborhood. Guerilla gardening has also helped to beautify the area. Psiri and Gazi — The reviving Psiri Greek: A number of its renovated buildings also host fashionable bars, making it a hotspot for the city in the last decade, while live music restaurants known as “rebetadika”, after rebetiko , a unique form of music that blossomed in Syros and Athens from the s until the s, are to be found. Rebetiko is admired by many, and as a result rebetadika are often crammed with people of all ages who will sing, dance and drink till dawn.

The metro’s expansion to the western suburbs of the city has brought easier access to the area since spring , as the blue line now stops at Gazi Kerameikos station. Syntagma, Syntagma Square , Greek: Ermou Street, an approximately one-kilometre-long 0.

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Printer format Why is sarcasm the lowest form of wit? Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit since its aim is to belittle or hurt someone, and to laugh at their expense; we associate the word “cutting” with it. On the other hand, true wit associates with the word “levity”, and boosts everyone’s spirits, being aimed at an action, a happening or an attitude.

Mary Purnell, Revesby Because intellectuals said so, and when were they ever wrong?

New immigrants who come expecting the kind of help from settled relatives that they themselves would have offered back in the village are often sorely disappointed; they soon discover that they are expected, like everyone else in America, to make it on their own.

Supersonic flight is just such a shape-shifter. But for today, at least, and for the rest of the decade certainly, it is something you can only do in your memories or your dreams. Boom’s supersonic prototype was unveiled this week Credit: Boom is an ambitious start-up, under the ownership of one Blake Scholl — a man who has worked as both a pilot and an executive for Amazon — which has just unleashed a prototype supersonic jet.

Perhaps it is the fact that the plane looks the part — it is a mini-Concorde, all pointed nose and sleek sides. Perhaps it is the fact that Scholl has based his firm in Denver, the hard-working capital of Colorado, rather than amid the technology swell of Silicon Valley, suggesting a determination to crack on with the masterplan rather than endlessly swirling around in the hub of all things social media — but Branson has been impressed enough to place an order for 10 Boom planes.

Blake Scholl addresses the Boom launch on Tuesday Credit: There is a huge market and the margins are enormous. Mr Branson has said that his Virgin Group will lend the expertise it has garnered in its attempts to create a commercial space craft to the Boom project. Scholl says that his prototype is a jump towards accessible flights between London and New York in 3. And within the next 10 years.

Lebanese americans

The historian Ephorus , who lived in the fourth century BC, is one potential candidate for establishing the use of Olympiads to count years, although credit for codifying this particular epoch usually falls to Hippias of Elis, to Eratosthenes, or even to Timaeus, whom Eratosthenes may have imitated.


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