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Bus 72 runs twice an hour from the bus station near the departures level at Terminal 1 to Zeleni Venac market in the city centre. The tickets except for the one ride ticket can be bought from the shop that sells food and newspapers inside the departures hall. The trip takes about 40 – 60 minutes depending on the traffic and the buses run from As of February , the ticket prices are: The buses are comfortable and air-conditioned. The fare is RSD, which is paid on-board; be sure to tell the driver what your destination is before departure. The trip takes minutes. If you prefer to take a taxi, read General precautions below.


My Reindeer Centre Snow and Ice Fun The final day will give you the chance to relax and take in the stunning scenery before you head home for a magical Christmas. If you book half-board you will be able to enjoy Gala dinners in the wonderful winter setting of Lapland or instead enjoy a home cooked meal in your cabin if you choose to self-cater. Thomas Cook offer one night stays if you just fancy a quick – and cheaper – break to Lapland, these deals are available on www. Booking some activities online could save you money.

Never take a privately owned cab – the ones with the white marker on the top that does not list the name of the company – since you can pay up to four times the normal price.

Livno Online – Internetske stranice s vijestima iz livanjskog kraja. Osijek Online – Gradski news portal Osijeka. Portal Oko – Informativni portal iz Dubrovnika. Slavonija info – Regionalni portal Slavonije i Baranje. Zagrebancija – Novinarski portal o Zagrebu. AK Zagreb – Autobusni kolodvor Zagreb. Besplatne stvari – Katalog besplatnih stvari tvrtke logIT internet usluge. CroMusic – Zbirka hrvatskih pjesama na internetu. Dobar glas – Razmjena informacija o kvaliteti i profesionalnosti poslovanja tvrtki.

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Crédits & mentions légales

Share this article Share Following the festival Charles and Camilla are due to visit an archaeological museum, where Charles will attend an interfaith dialogue meeting, and the Osijek Software City workshop. Camilla, who supports many women’s charities, will spend some time learning about how sexual violence was used as a weapon of war. Charles will end the day at a reception at the British Council – of which he is vice patron – to celebrate its 70th anniversary in Croatia.

The busy couple landed at Zagreb airport yesterday to begin a five-day tour of the Western Balkans region.

Gardos the hill, located on the right side of the river Danube, is a historical and authentic cultural environment with narrow streets, houses and historic churches.

Pre-Roman[ edit ] Phoenician archaeological dig in the Lisbon Cathedral cloisters During the Neolithic period, the region was inhabited by Pre-Celtic tribes, who built religious and funerary monuments, megaliths , dolmens and menhirs , which still survive in areas on the periphery of Lisbon. Although the first fortifications on Lisbon’s Castelo hill are known to be no older than the 2nd century BC, recent archaeological finds have shown that Iron Age people occupied the site from the 8th to 6th centuries BC.

According to legend, the location was named for the mythical Ulysses , who founded the settlement after he left Troy to escape the Greek coalition. Following the defeat of Hannibal during the Punic wars , the Romans determined to deprive Carthage of its most valuable possession: Hispania the Iberian Peninsula. Decimus obtained the alliance of Olissipo which sent men to fight alongside the Roman Legions against the northwestern Celtic tribes by integrating it into the empire, as the Municipium Cives Romanorum Felicitas Julia.

Local authorities were granted self-rule over a territory that extended 50 kilometres 31 miles ; exempt from taxes, its citizens were given the privileges of Roman citizenship, and it was then integrated with the Roman province of Lusitania whose capital was Emerita Augusta. Lusitanian raids and rebellions during Roman occupation required the construction of a wall around the settlement.

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Serbia Slovenia is sometimes considered to be part of the Balkans, but it is increasingly being included in tour packages as part of Central Europe , such as Austria , Hungary , the Czech Republic and Poland. The same applies only partially to Croatia. Slovenes consider themselves Central European, due to their long ties to Austria.

Ohrid — Considered the jewel in Macedonia’s crown, Ohrid is situated on a beautiful lake.

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Sunshine hours are about 2, per year, from an average of 4.

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In some non-zoned areas, you also pay for parking depending on the duration of your stay, and this is paid in cash to the parking attendant.

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Sofia – The Bulgarian capital at the foot of Mount Vitosha is famous for its nightlife, old Roman ruins, hot springs, museums and monuments.

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